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21 mai 2013 2 21 /05 /mai /2013 08:14

Well, well, well, long time no talk, many things to tell...

So Brand New Hate's new album is almost done, the mixing process is being made by Ives Grimonprez...


The band will release a brand new single by september, and a second album too ! We are quite pride of this new album, of the way it sounds and the way we did it, Ives is a great man to work with...


A tour is to come between october the 19th and november the 3rd, please contact us if you're interested.


In the meantime, you still can hang out and see Brand New Hate live at Monistrol / Loire on june 1st, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Leonard De Vinci high school, and june the 15th for the BBB Party #3 in Grenoble !


See you soon, thanks for you love and support.




Bon, il s'est passé un bon moment sans que nous ne vous donnions de nouvelles...

Le nouvel album de BRAND NEW HATE est presque terminé, il est actuellement en cours de mixage par Ives Grimonprez...


Le groupe sortira un nouveau single et un nouvel album en septembre ! Nous sommes plutôt fiers de la manière dont sonne l'album et de la manière dont il sonne, Ives est vraiment une personne avec qui il est bon de travailler...


Une tournée est programmée entre le 19 octobre et le 3 novembre, merci de nous contacter si vous êtes interessés.


Entre temps, vous pouvez toujours venir voir BRAND NEW HATE en live à Monistrol / Loire le 1er juin pour fêter les 20 ans du Lycée Léonard de Vinci et le 15 juin pour la BBB Party #3 à Grenoble !


A bientôt et merci pour votre soutien.


BNH Promo 4

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16 mars 2012 5 16 /03 /mars /2012 10:39

Hey Fellas !


Brand New Hate proudly anounce their return to the studio !

This new recording session will be done during april at Ive's Apperte Recordings ( The Moshines, The Cymatics, The Clean Cuts, Steve MacKay, etc... ), just as they did for the previous single ( Little Suzy / Sick Town, Pop the Balloon Rds ), and the plan is to record a new full length album !

The Band Is still looking for a label to release it, but Pop The Balloon Rds should release a second single just before, with one song from the album and an unrealesed one on the flip side.


Brand New Hate est fier d'annoncer son retour en studio !

Cette nouvelle session d'enregistrement aura lieu en avril au studio Apperte Recordings de Ives ( The Moshines, The Cymatics, The Clean Cuts, Steve MacKay, etc... ), tout comme pour le précédent single ( Little Suzy / Sick Town, Pop The Balloon Rds ), et l'idée est d'enregistrer un nouvel album !

Le groupe est toujours à la recherche d'un label pour sortir le disque, mais Pop The Balloon Rds devrait sortir un second single avec un titre de l'album et un inédit en face B.




Brand New hate wanted to slow down a little bit touring, to concentrate themselves on this new album BUT a few gigs are still booked or on booking, no worries ! This is still definitely a real STAGE BAND !!!!


Brand New Hate a voulu lever le pied sur les concerts pour se consacrer au travail de ce nouvel album MAIS quelques concerts sont quand même bookés ou en cours de booking, pas d'inquiétude ! BNH reste définitivement un groupe de scène !!!!!!


18.04 : BNH  @ Lyon ( La Tripperie ) + Ricky Rat

19.04 : BNH + Ricky Rat @ Saint Etienne (Thunderbird Lounge)

19.05 : BNH @ Private Gig

25.05 : BNH + The Damaged Superstars @ Montpellier ( Mojomatic Club )

26.05 : BNH + The Damaged Superstars @ Leucate ( Le Paradox )

27.05 : BNH + The Damaged Superstars (t.b.a.)


Also check out :

30.03 : Daddy'O Velvet + Guitou + The Blues Against Youth @ Saint Etienne (Assommoir)

15.05 : Daddy'O Velvet + Devil Jo & The Backdoormen @ Saint Etienne ( Lipopette, Paroles et Musique Fest Off )

10.06 : Daddy'O Velvet + Kevin P. + Lads In Vertigo @ Mâcon (Fast & Loud Fest, acoustic sunday)

20.06 : Daddy'O Velvet + Devil Jo & The Backdoormen @ Firminy


See you there, The Haters Love You All !

Cheerz !



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22 juillet 2011 5 22 /07 /juillet /2011 10:26

Hey Fellas,

We are proud to announce that BRAND NEW HATE is now officialy a part of the Chaos Clothing Family !

Chaos endorses BNH and that's a blast...
Feel fre to visit www.chaos-clothing.com and buy what will be your cool summer style !



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24 juin 2011 5 24 /06 /juin /2011 23:34

Check out this cool Chevrolet ad, by the young creatives at Emile Cohl school of art (Lyon, Fr.), with "She Talk Too Much" by BRAND NEW HATE as a soundtrack !

Found on http://www.chevroleteurope.tv

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4 avril 2011 1 04 /04 /avril /2011 11:31

Brand New Hate will play a pair of gigs in London (U.K.) on april 23rd and 24th, with their brand new single in the suitcases.

On april 23rd, they will introduce "Little Suzy" single out on Pop The Balloon Records to the British audience sharing the bill with friends and label brothers from The Adjusters !

The Adjusters + Brand New Hate, @ The Hoxton Cell, Hoxton Park - 333 Old Street, Islington, LONDON.

Starts at 9.30 p.m.


And on april 24th, Brand New Hate proudly anounce a great bill : 8 bands, DJs, all day long party 'till 2 in the morning !

King Salami and The Cuncumberland 3, Wild Evel and The Trashbones, The Priscillas, Thee Vicars, Bubblegum Screw, The Stabilizers, Vomit Tongues @The Drop (Below the Three Crowns) 175 Stoke Newington High St, (below The Three Crowns), London, N16 0LH


- Pre Sales here :




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24 février 2011 4 24 /02 /février /2011 07:10

The single is now available on Pop The Balloon Records !!! 

A side : Little Suzy 

B side : Sick Town

Go get it now on myspace.com/brandnewhaternr

Many many thanx to Fabien and Manu at Pop The Balloon Records !



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9 février 2011 3 09 /02 /février /2011 15:04

BNH will share the bill with friend from Norma Jean Bakers Underwears for a dobble record release party ! Well in fact we hope that the single will be here right on time...

Both records have been recorded at Apperte Recordings studio, so we thought that this could be cool to book an Apperte Recordings event.

This is totally free, so come on, and enjoy the good time rockin' !



- March 24th : Bas-en-Basset (Les Pichs)

- April 23rd : London (t.b.a.) + XX Cortez + The Adjusters

- April 24th : London (The Drop) + Wild Evel & The Trashbones + MFC Chicken + Thee Vicars + The Barbacans

- May 29th : Davezieu (Tattoo Motor Show)

- June 04th : Mâcon (Les Quais) NBT / Pop The Balloon Festival


*More Gigs on booking... Stay tuned.

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26 novembre 2010 5 26 /11 /novembre /2010 18:18

Hey folks,
We're really proud to announce that French label from Lyon Pop The Balloon Rds release the Brand New Hate's new single in January !
A side : Little Suzy
B side : Sick Town
Stay tuned for more infos, releases, shows from Brand New Hate.

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25 octobre 2010 1 25 /10 /octobre /2010 00:15

As you may already know, we are endorsed by the CLAYTON USA pick brand.

So here's a pic of our new picks:


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16 septembre 2010 4 16 /09 /septembre /2010 18:10

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